IE8 and under has been a pain in my Back for most of my development life this past year. IE9 is finally at a stage where I don't have to worry about it but IE8 and under never play along.

IE8 and its cousins IE7 and IE6 are like the mean kids at the playground. While everyone is happily playing they have to go throw juice all over the other kid’s heads.

I've recently been working with a client that originally requested to have IE8 support. Which is fine as that is pretty much the standard.

But we had some problems. IE8 was not handling a bunch of I Frame very well and caused memory issues and the was not able to resize its height according to the window.

I struggled with this for days. Until the PM (Project Manager) gave the client an option.

To either keep me on this strange issue which was only affecting IE8.


Simply show a message that the site be fully functional when a user with IE8 shows up.

After a day we got a response back and the client was aboard with showing a warning message for IE8.

This shows me 2 things:

  • IE8 is starting to be considered legacy.
  • Clients aren't willing to pay for all the issues that comes with supporting IE8

This could be me reading too much into this, but that's what I think.

And IE9?

I'm actually quite happy with IE9. It still has its quirks, get it? But it's pretty solid. And if it works in Chrome / Firefox it will more than likely work in IE9. Just don't get me started on some HTML5 features, but only the adventurous are using that anyway.

So the day is finally starting to come upon us. Unite my Brothers and Sister so much more less frustration!