My headphones have this "cool feature" where they "press" play every time I put them back on.

Which is awesome, till you stop using ITunes for music on your Mac ...

I'm an avid Google Play music user and really do not like ITunes starting up every time I put on my headphones.

It's then when I realised that I don't use ITunes for anything ... So I tried to delete it ...

BUUUUUT, MacOS stops you. It's "required", mmmm. Ok, so we can not just delete it. But can I stop it from executing?

Yes, yes I can :)

Ended up simply removing the "executable" property on the And it worked!

To this yourself and totally disable ITunes from starting (executing), run the following in your terminal:

sudo chmod -x /Applications/  

And to enable again (not that I probably will again...), run the following:

sudo chmod +x /Applications/  

Which just enables the "executable" property on the .app file again.

Quick band-aid, to quite an annoying problem. Enjoy !