Johann is a globally recognised DevOps engineer who has worked on everything from embedded microchip readers to leading high traffic news sites.

He became the first Google Developer Expert for Cloud in Africa in 2014 and now travels the world with Google to learn from and share his insights with others in the community.

He currently works as the tech lead for Passmarked (passmarked.com), which aims to improve the web using open source rules, the latest web standards and the collaboration of the global developer community. On top of this, Johann acts as the lead developer for IO (io.co.za), a tech innovation business which focusses on building startups that solve interesting problems in the world. In the past he has built national microchip databases for SSA, encryption software and security tools focussing on SSL/HTTPS.

Open source is a big part of his life and he is a firm believer in the value that a community can provide. He is truly excited by business models built around the transparency that open source provides.

Johann firmly believes in KISS (Keep it simple stupid) and in choosing the right tool for the job. Which has led to him touching and managing every part of the stack from the network to the design of apps. He has experience in a range of ecosystems such as Node.JS, GOLang, Java, Python, PHP and C (embedded).

Aside from his tech focus, he is also a trained Design Sprint Master, ITIL project manager and CBP project manager. He has some experience with leading teams and trimming the scope of ideas to a usable, buildable and scalable product. Johann is a seasoned speaker at conferences and likes to talk about experiences that help others to avoid the same problems.

News coverage

  • 2016 - Featured in FastCompany Dec/Jan 2016 issue as one of the most innovative South African startups
  • 2014 - Named a GDE for Cloud by Google, first in Africa
  • 2014 - Named as one of Africa's top 20 Innovators changing lives with the web by Google
  • 2013 - Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013 Finalist
  • 2013 - Won the 2013 ScaleConf Google App Engine Hackathon
  • 2012 - Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012 Finalist