Johann du Toit

I have real passion for technology and making systems that help others in their day-to-day lives. Currently based in Malmesbury, South-Africa

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Resolving your intimacy problems with NodeJS for NodeJS Cape Town (
Resolving your intimacy problems with NodeJS
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What's been keeping me busy


Manage and create your certificates efficiently in a UI that won't fight you

Cape Town Loadshedding Map

Easy to use loadshedding map for Cape Town


Manage hotspots in the cloud

Cape Commuter

API for Cape Town Commuter of schedules for MyCiti and Train schedule


Website to Rate Breeders

Interbet Inplay

Realtime Betting System Written in NodeJS

Interbet Mobi

Mobile Betting Platform

Interbet CRM

CRM to handle mails to Interbet


Near me Events Service

AFT Backbase Portal

Migrated the AFT portal to the new V5


Microchip Search Engine for all the Microchip Websites

SDL Reporting

Data Aggregation and Reporting Service

Curriculum Vitae

Online service to build resume's

Geo Notification Server

Server to keep track of Gaurds as they pass checkins with their GPS device

FTP Backup Zipper

Script to Zip and Upload Backups to a Remote FTP server

Food 4 Pets

E-Commerce Website for Animal Products

Curriculum Vitae Generation Script

Script that I used to generate my Resume

CMS Alliance

Website for Consulting Companies to Signup

Get Me Known

National Microchip Database

Get Me Home

Tag Identification Database

Bull-Terrier Rescue

Did some Charity Website for a Non-Profit Dog Rescue


BSC Informatics (Expecting to Graduate in 2016)
MCDB - Microsoft Certified Database Developer
Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer
CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional
CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
MCTS - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
ITIL Foundations V3 (Green Badge)
CPB Project Management
MCPD - Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
MCITP - Microsoft Certified IT Professional


Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013 Finalist
Won the 2013 ScaleConf Google App Engine Hackathon
Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012 Finalist